The Trainers MasterClass
Jennifer M Campbell presents...
The Trainers MasterClass 
4 Hour MasterClass – Refining the Art of Presenting to a Group

This highly personalised, small group (approximately 4-6 people), MasterClass experience is designed for experienced trainers who want to add polish to their performance.

It will get you up and presenting information in a way that ensures you are:

  •  building relationships
  •  fostering engagement
  •  increasing learning retention, and
  •  standing out as the absolute expert.
What To Expect
Within the first hour each person will be up presenting and getting immediate, personal feedback on their presentation style. The workshop with then build and refine strategies for improvement based on individual presentation performance. Each MasterClass is different as it is totally responsive to the requirements of the specific group of MasterClass participants. 

MasterClass is a totally tailored, contextualised experience designed to elevate your expertise, whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional.
This 4-hour session, which is totally tailored to the presenting needs, could include topic such as:  
  •  Presenting with confidence
  •  Positioning yourself and your product/s as a market leader through education
  •  Structuring an educational experience that wows your clients
  •  The biggest mistakes experts make and how to avoid them
  •  How to increase learning and loyalty by limiting how much information you give at one time
  •  How to identify product features and benefits to customers within a training or presentation experience
  •  Why building rapport with a group and engaging customers is critical for your success
  •  Recognising and responding to the different ways in which adults learn and interact in a group
  •  Responding to questions from the group
  •  Elegant and artful use of questions to enhance customer experience
  •  ....... and much, much more! 
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Trainers MasterClass
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